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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some serious anxiety and good news too!

I have not done a good job with my weekly updates these last few weeks, so I wanted to just let you know that our little boy is doing fabulously!  We have been very blessed to have my awesome ob who really understands what we need and we have had appointments every two weeks since about 6 weeks along.  Let me just say again, I love my Dr. J!  He gets me and doesn't blow off my need for reassurance and anytime I have a question or concern he is always more than happy to talk it out with me, he is awesome!

At our 15 week appointment we discussed it and I thought I felt totally fine with moving our "baby checkups" to 4 weeks instead of two.  It did seem like it was a lot of visits and it is harder on my hubby with his work schedule.  So we left all in agreement and the the first week flew by quickly and then we made it to the second week and I was still doing just fine.  All of a sudden right at 17 weeks to the day I started feeling major anxiety. That night all I could do was worry about our little boy, was he OK? It was all I could think about.  So much so that I couldn't sleep, literally slept all of about 3 hours that night. Those that know me, know that I am a good sleeper, I can sleep with the best of them, so if I am not sleeping there is definitely something up. 

I decided to call ob the next morning, I did not tell my hubby because I didn't want to worry him more than he already does.  No sense in worrying him till there was something to really worry about! So I called and got an appointment right away at 9:00. They were so nice to me, all I said was that I had an anxious night and just wanted to get checked out and they got me a 9:00am appointment.  My appointment was of course not with my reg. Dr so I did have some initial nervousness about that but I decided I didn't care who I saw as long as I got some good news and reassurance! 

So I actually ended up seeing the head of OB who not only knows who I am but was part of the review board and meeting we had with Kaiser last July so he knew everything!  I was nervous to see him again but at the same time glad because he would understand, I wouldn't have to explain anything to him.  So thankful I got to see him, he was wonderful!  He asked me how I was doing and I told him about my anxiety. I told him this was the first time I had ever been this anxious before. As we were talking I had a realization that I then shared with him.  Perhaps the reason for my anxiety level rising was because up until now I had appointments every two weeks.  So I never really had the chance to get anxious. I had hit the two week mark without a planned appointment and all of a sudden my anxiety level sky rocketed.  He agreed and said, well I have no problem continuing your 2 week appointments in order to help you with your anxiety.  I breathed a sigh of relief and said thank you I think that could really help. 

Then we got to the good stuff, seeing our little guy on the US machine, moving around like crazy, as usual.  My fluid levels were good, he was measuring right on schedule for 17 weeks and more exciting news, my placenta was very good sized, large even! My placenta with Ethan was in the 30% range so I was thrilled to hear this piece of news.  That was such a relief! Our little guy was happy and healthy, the news every mommy longs to hear at all of her appointments.  So I left feeling good, supported and huge relief that yes our baby boy was doing just fine, I was just an anxious Mommy!

So this Tuesday, February 1st, we will be 18 weeks along, which amazes me!  We have decided on a name for our little boy after weeks of discussion, so without further ado I give you...
                                     Isaac Benjamin Mishler

The biblical meaning for Isaac is-" He will laugh" which is a great match! All you have to do is look at the pictures I posted from our 3D visit and you can see the huge smile on his face :)  So there you have it! We have our big anatomy scan coming up on February 15th at 1:15pm so keep that date in your prayers please.  Thanks for all your love, prayers and support as we continue on this very long journey. 

Ami, Dave and little Isaac!

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