Our Rainbow Baby- Isaac Benjamin

Our C-Section is scheduled for Tuesday June 28th!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a ...

Well the day of our appointment finally arrived!  We of course were overly excited and arrived at Peek a Baby 30 minutes early.  It gave me time however to finish all the water I was supposed to drink in order to fill up my bladder.  So we impatiently waited in the waiting room and finally it was our turn.  We went in and the tech was so sweet!   First thing she asked was, "so what do you think you are having?" I laughed and said, a boy I am sure of it.  So we got things going and very shortly we saw our little one up on the big screen.  It really was amazing on a 42 inch screen!  Our little one was a little shy in the beginning and it took probably a good 7-10 minutes for the tech to get him to give us a good shot.  Finally it came and she said, "are you ready? It's a boy!!"  I laughed again and said "I was right!"  Such a fun and thrilling visit.  3D/4D really is so much fun. We are very thankful for technology! Although I will admit at this age, 15 weeks 4 days everything was super teeny tiny.  Even so we managed to get some great shots of our little man, smiling, laying back with his arm back behind his head, and even one with his tongue sticking out!  So with out further ado I will share the video link and some photos with you.

Here is the video link:


These are some of my favorite photo shots, enjoy!

Look at the smile on this boy!

I'm just chillin in my "Crib"


  1. Ami

    I am glad you are having a beautiful baby boy. I am really thrilled that your pregnancy is going fine. Best wishes for little Isaac Benjamin.