Our Rainbow Baby- Isaac Benjamin

Our C-Section is scheduled for Tuesday June 28th!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Isaac's Birth!

I have been struggling with the words to expess our joy.  So instead I decided to let our pictures share it for us. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

37 Weeks!!! He's almost here!

Oh my goodness how the time has flown by!  I can't believe we are almost there, just two more weeks and little Isaac will be here! I have had a hard time really believing we would get here again in one piece but we have. I had another check up today with my ob as well as my regular NST (non-stress test).  Dr. J says I am doing great, happy with my blood pressure and says that Isaac is growing right on schedule, about 6 1/2 pounds approximately. So if things continue as they have been Isaac will "probably" be in the 8-9 pound range when he is born. Keeping in mind that his big brother was born at almost 41 weeks and Isaac will be born at 39 so he is most likely going to be smaller than Ethan. But you never know, he could surprise us ;) My next and final prenatal OB appointment will be Monday the 20th. That is the last one before Isaac's birthday!

 I am in full blown "nesting" mode again and have been going through the nursery again, rewashing clothes organizing and figuring out where the new clothes will go and what exactly I might need to replace or change out before Isaac arrives.  We are using most of Ethan's clothes for his little brother, we would have done that if he was here, they will be the nicest "hand me downs" any kid has ever worn!  Today I tackled some of the nursery closet as well, trying to figure out where things should go and moving the mini crib into our room.  Even then there were changes because we have new bedroom furniture that we got this year that takes up more corner space than before. 
So many things to think about, to "try" and plan for and yet I know some things will simply have to wait until Isaac is home with us, I can't believe I am really saying that, Isaac will be coming home with us.  He really will.  He is a happy healthy baby who is constantly reassuring his Mommy and Daddy that he is doing well with his acrobatics in my tummy.  We are officially in count down mode, 14 days to go. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!