Our Rainbow Baby- Isaac Benjamin

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One active little boy!

Well the days and weeks continue to march along, I can't believe we are already at 23 weeks 1 day! Less than a week until we make the 6 month mark!  I have really bounced back and forth between sheer joy and wanting to celebrate and being to afraid to allow myself to imagine our future with Isaac.  I love this little boy so much, and each day he does his best to remind me just how well he is doing by wiggling and moving around all the time! From the beginning Isaac has been a active boy, at our 9 week appointment I remember my OB saying wow he is so active I am having trouble tracking him on the monitor!  Well Isaac has truly lived up to his 9 week appointment, this little boy is by far the most active of my three pregnancies.  I love to feel him moving and dancing around in my tummy, its such an amazing feeling there is truly nothing like it! I am so blessed with this active little boy!

 I am so thankful that Isaac is growing and healthy and it gives me hope each day.  There are still things I struggle with though.  I want Isaac to be celebrated, he deserves that!  And yet the idea of a baby shower for him still makes me very anxious, in the back of my head I still can't help but think, "We might not bring him home, I can't have another shower for a son who doesn't come home!" Not to mention the fact that we have so much already, truly I feel like having one is a little greedy.  We were so blessed with Ethan, and I plan on sharing all of his things with his little brother, it would be that way if he was here with us too. So I have been thinking about having a "meet the baby party" instead of a shower.  This way everyone gets to come and celebrate with us and actually get to see our little boy instead of just talking to my tummy.  Also by then we will have a better idea of things we still need and can make a new registry for truly needed items!  This is a boomerang battle that continues to go around in my head. So I am asking for feedback and ideas from all my mommy friends both BLMs and my other dearly loved mommies as well!  What do you think? Love to hear from you! I think I am also going to re post this on my other blog just so I can get more feedback.

Thanks so much!


Ami  Mommy to Alexis, Ethan and little Isaac!

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